Drawing: Level 4 :

TOP: Jacqueline Marie Porret Forel - in RAW Vision magazine -  please research this Artist and look at the MMU library archive of RAW for your general drawing referencing - RAW available online and at Whitworth / Cornerhouse HOME bookshops also ?

Above: Blue Chalk drawing MM demo ; Portrait of 'Odysseus' WW2 RAF 1944 series
below; Durer self portrait study; and below that 'wire' drawings by Calder 

Drawing and the figure :
Tutor Mack Manning (  ) 

Improvisation - Imagination - storytelling - Play - Making things up is what we do - The vitality of 'Personal interpretations' -  injecting your emotions and personal ownership and stories into your work - The importance of Contextual and historical awareness - know your subject and get to know the real innovators in the history of Art  - Lots of 'Seeing and Looking' - Gallery visits - research research research.

above : Collins, Blake Chagall at his Easel
BOOK Vitamin D 2 ...buy this book

Artists to research on pinterest from week 2 session.
Louise Bourgeous Jasper Johns drawing
Brice Marden
Film to watch DVD  'The cave of forgotten dreams' ( herzog )

Jasper Johns 

Louise Bourgeois 

Drawing and the figure : Week one: 
Tutor Mack Manning
Drawing & Observation: 
Is Drawing like a Poem ? economical and 'Analogous' to Song' ?
research metaphor and analogy in visual language

Brice Marden, David Smith, Bacon

Above - Improvise on your drawings when you get them home - evolve them 

Research list - to do: search on Pinterest for
Millais drawing
Rodin drawing
Rodin Watercolour
Kiki Smith

Narrative drawing observation and seeing ones self not just the sitter:  
Research : Kiki Smith, Andrew Wyeth,  

Sir John Everett Millais Slight Sketch for the painting Ophelia 1852

Above: Kiki Smith; 

below TWO drawings by RODIN

Auguste Rodin (French, 1840–1917) Graphite with wash of watercolor and gouache on cream paper; 

above; Wyeth, Baskin, Shahn, Matisse poster - see the 'interior' of figure 
and below Ned Ludd !  - and below that several pencil demos from the Tutor: (me, Mack)

above demo drawings by Mack(M)

Leger Poster (Left)

In time for next weeks life drawing  WATCH this Superb Documentary on Drawing and how we approach it with not just skills of the intellect but mostly through the confidence of instinct and intuition;

''ALL IN THE MIND - THE SECRET TO DRAWING'' by Andrew Graham Dixon

It discusses what we explored on Thursday 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KhmsJNiKqc   click this link for footage please and take notes - evidence your learning for assessment;

The Be Good Tanyas 'Horses' 

Sarrazin ; Astragal

Summer Reading: At the age of twenty-one, a sad and hungry Patti Smith walked into a bookshop in Greenwich Village and decided to spend her last 99 cents on a novel that would change her life forever. The book was 
Astragal, by Albertine Sarrazin. Sarrazin was an enigmatic outsider who had spent time in jail and who wrote only two novels and a book of poems in her short life - she died the year before Patti found her book, at the age of twenty-nine.

Reseaching archives for Visual and Conceptual, Contextual stimulus summer work for Creative Practice Students at all levels 5/2 and Level 6 


2015 summer research project - Level 6 

a chance to evolve your own authorial practice and celebrate your identity and voice - PLAY with visual materials,nuance and notion.

The amalgam of genuine research and playful intuitive Experimentation = strong work.  

Marsha Rowe and Rosie Boycott in the Spare Rib offices, 1972. Photograph: David Wilkerson

Updated June 5th by mm ;
2015 summer research project 

Here is your Level 5 and 6 Creative Practice summer research task(s)  It is optional and not assessed - but recommended for deepening your studio and contextual synthesis and knowledge. ( constellations distillation task)

Research the periodical 'SPARE RIB' (in print 1972-1993) and its social / historical 'context'. There are no anachronisms in the archive  - for it is an historical document in its own right - and a time capsule of its own 'Feminist' Zeitgeist.  (what is 'Zeitgeist' and what is an anachronism ?)

Marsha Rowe (left) and Rosie Boycott, co-founders of the feminist magazine Spare Rib, in 1972. Photograph: Sydney O'Meara/Getty Images

Regarding 'anachronisms' the archive at your disposal is not, say, a book about the Magazine with an authors view - subjective account (open to error etc) -
... It IS 'the actual magazine' itself (online) for you to research as PRIMARY material ( you are reading the contents in its time period etc )
Read through them - buy some on ebay ? dont get too bogged down by interesting theoretical issues at this stage - i.e  How has Feminism evolved or changed ? Just study the SPARE RIB archive contents and its design - the fashions and societal stance - and consider it all as a whole ? - is it  'of its time' ? and what is its relation to 'the now' ? How does it relate or not relate with today Can this set of documents trigger any visual responses and your own imagination - empathetic responses - ?  

Make intuitive visual experimental work 'inspired' by the contents and themes  - invent and make things up in response - connect your own work and ideas -  amalgamate and improvise - be playful - in 2d or 3d or both.

Take inspiration from the themes raised by the article. Hopefully you will find work in the contents that actually resonates and consolidates some of your own current thinking and ideas for creative expression - thoughts on identity and Artistic making / Societal inks etc.

very good Guardian Article here -


then study the archive in full below- be patient it takes time to LAOD up the full size pages and images 

full archive here https://journalarchives.jisc.ac.uk/britishlibrary/sparerib

very good British Library contextual bite size articles here from the main tree


Triangulate and juxtapose your research by joining up your interests with other Archives -  visit and use the SLIDE archive at MMU ( join Johns Flickr and twitter feed ) to find local images from this era that may support or juxtapose with your own thinking -  Design - colour, fashions - Politics - social tropes or trends etc?

*and then also Visit the exhibition in special collections on Art Schools and Protest for a further source of material.

This whole Task will require an genuine interest in researching text and image  - or visiting the archive - and reading through it for source material, connections and threads - then responding with visual and material experiments of your own - inspired by the connections you have made and found -  this is all stimulus for further work next term. Research the archive with patience and depth - use a good PC /Mac not a phone etc -  the British Museum / Spare Rib images take a while to load up on the archive pages;

Read Men too - read Patchen & Bukowski and Richard Brautigan - a fine punchy counter balance to the 'Oxbridge' poets ( Image of Patchen book from collection of mm)

Hard Feelings Prose and text from Spare Rib (from my collection / mm)

I highly recommended this Phaidon book;  rare /now out of print -  grab one if you source one in Hardback or softback - Editor Liz McQuiston - once my own RCA tutor:  Political Grafix from beyond europa - Poster design & much more - a superb book - I have used this book as a teaching tool for 20 years (published in 1997) - -  image is from my collection

two other texts I recommend are the following - again used sucessfully as curriculum texts in the past -  they are old books now but strong insights anecdotes and facts - and both very readable in a day or so - hard to put down - and both by Rosalind Miles 

Dear Level 5 / 6  I will be publishing the room number for tuesdays all day lev 5 powerpoints asap - today I'm contemplating other matters with some weekly updates and links to seminar books we discussed on Tuesday: so for follow up.

*these are the authors and books mentioned in my last semianr with level 5 -  may be of interest to some not others 
Murray Bookchin
2.  Stone tape theory ( again - yep ! this always makes an annual appearance )
this is also of interest to Sue and Veronica and co - archive is at Manc Univ;
and some of you were curious about my talk at Birmingham City University ; New Building - so here are some snippets of the Semiotics and Image workshop 'Metaphor and Metamorphosis"

 Resistance : Seminal moments : Lindsay Andersons 'IF' 

by 'ambition' - read ... 'ambition for your work' - and your autonomy as an individual - autonomy Individuality - shared, and hopefully socially minded  

real science fiction -  comets over moominland - 
'Lore' and 'making things up' - outsiders welcome 



The Rear View lens  - the future is now ? Archives;
time travel; Chris Marker and Atget :



Diane De Prima 

'zones' of magic and disbelief - merging the future and the past

The importance of humility over hubris  - Be Ripley -  be for 'the good of the many' ? or just give in and own status anxiety and envy (read Alain de bottons book on status anxiety)

the importance of ones own historical palette / mythologies (  a little of mine - I used to dig Peat !)

 beauty and the beast ;   Eva Besnyo and inglorious bastards

survival .........  1930s germany and paris
Violette Szabo, Noor Inayat Khan WW2 and fighting National Socialism" 1930s Europe

Lee Miller in Hitler bathtub: and in the field 

all our anthropologies 

The Primitive -   the rear view mirror - anthropology and the human as 'artefact'

more tales of the unexpected 

 'UN / Reality' and the Noumenal .... Ghosts in the machine / stone tapes - inner space outer space. Betty & Barney Hill 

 collaborations - The Kubricks, Anima and Animus
genesis p orridge and Orlan 

malevolence is not manufactured - the bogey man is us !

the child and the inner lens - the toddler mind as a brilliant spongey 'SOFT' machine - recording this and that 

Slavoj ZiZEK; possibly the best living critical thinker and speaker
( Flux magazine 2009 , illustrations by MM - editorial layout John Walsh )

this DVD is a must for anyone interested in Film and Human 'being' deconstructs the self, Hitchcock Tarkovsky and Lynch 


Stevie Smith & Basil Bunting - the voice as 'drum' 

More mythologies, felt frogs , female icons /  Euro Chic

Changes in seeing ; feeling;  Kent Landscape  Mark Manning: 1986

Anecdotes: ''But who is going to protect us and will we survive ''? cold war fears , anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress in children - the danger of adrenalin  


The Holocaust as a measure -  ''it is what any serious human being always thinks about'' W.G Sebald

Art and Resilience ; R Searle

shot on location in and around the tiny village of Le Rat, in the Corrèze with 
Jeanne Moreau
''Having a script written by Marguerite Duras 

based on a story by Jean Genet, The FILM Mademoiselle is seen by many as a work of art''

Anecdote:  The Exogenous and the Endogenous -  - and how we come upon things  :

The Memory and the Whistle : 
Curlew, Snipe & Lapwing Chicks :
Life on Moors ( Mars) :

there should be celebration in the small things