POLISH posters and module expectations

Rare as Chickens teeth - if not rarer !

Polish and Czech Poster Design - late 60s to 1985


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Welcome the incoming year three !

I am very keen to set up a regular classic FILM club in October - set up and then run by two student volunteers with me - it may involve a late night but this shouldn't be an issue - any one interested let me know or comment here

Other films will be by Tarkovsky and the second will be the classic RUSHMORE by Wes Anderson

Co-written with Owen Wilson, Anderson's second films pits the sublimely cynical Bill Murray against over-ambitious student Jason Schwartzman in a bittersweet high-school comedy that's sharper, more stylish and better soundtracked than any other. Catch it on dvd over the summer if you can in advance - it gets even better with repeat viewings so you will want to watch it again

THE MIRROR (ZERKALO) (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)
Classic Film for after Summer Andrei Tarkovsky's 'The Mirror'

"Words can’t really express a person’s emotions. They’re too inert." So says Andrei Tarkovsky in his dream-filled, surreal masterpiece THE MIRROR, which features long scenes with little or no dialogue. Tarkovsky turns the mirror on himself and his childhood to tell the fragmented and disjointed story of WWII-era Russia through his own personal experiences with his family. Tarkovsky was obsessed with film as art, and this nonlinear film is his poetic masterpiece; he even includes his father’s poems read over shots that are crafted as if paintings. Many of the actors play several roles; have fun trying to figure out who is who and what exactly is going on at any one moment. (try his film 'STALKER' also and 'Solaris'


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Innovator number 2 is

the great Louise Bourgeois


classic Faber paperback design 1960s

The purpose of your Journal in year three is to collate a collection of reflective & evaluative material - responses to self directed tasks and tasks that we will set you this term

These will be evidenced in a file and / or on your blog to be formally assessed via a written statement - a statement that will document what - where and how you have complied your log - a supporting written guide and bibliography to the 'organic ' thing that is your learning

It is a 20 credit unit and is a supporting unit for your main Studio practice unit - so keep this smaller unit in perspective and use this unit to gain what we call experiential learning - ie its not about final outcomes so much - it is more about what you learn whilst doing it ! Like discerning your professional goals and the aims and themes in your work. Reflect on your design practice and complete the set tasks for assessment.

Your Blog (like this one using blogger.com ) will support and bring to life the paperbased File and will be marked alongside your paper based file.

We expect you to have links on your blog to your own digital portfolio websites ....Flickr is fine for starters.

Your journal / personal work LOG will therefore be a place for you to discuss and share the work you have been making and are currently making. Work 'in embryo' is good to see - you can evaluate it - and let us evaluate it here too - it will be a good place to send us as staff to view your working progress and thoughts on line.

We will have several arranged seminars and lectures also throughout this UNIT this term, on various aspects of professional practice and on the importance of the evaluative process for designers

Celebrate on your blog where your influences originate - be they other Graphic designers - Artists - illustrators - 1950s Textile design or from Films ?

How do they link in with your own work and why? Review any design shows you visit.

The content on here should be reflective and evaluative - with plenty of visuals - and with as much Personality as possible - when you are writing about your ' experiences' try to avoid just discussing process or what you did next.

Write an evaluation for any work experience you have done so far - or propose one ? - how did the placement make you feel and what was asked of you - what did you achieve and how has that experience influenced your ideas for employment ?

Below are a list of tasks that you need to complete for the assessment - these are just the first for this half of the term - but there is enough for you to be getting on with - remember this is married to your practical work not a divorced element - so really celebrate the successful relationship between your design work and your thinking on your own blog

Yr Three JOURNAL module ( 20 credit )

Regular Meetings with us as a year group and talks

for the final file - which will be evaluated by us at tutorials all term

This file - hard copy and electronic should be updated weekly and seen as a valauble protein toward your creative and academic health

.Evaluation of Term 5

.Proposal for term 6

.Evaluations for Workshops

.Evaluation of any Professional placements

.Self Promotion Pack to be reviewed throughout April but something you need to get right to start sending out this month for placements and work

.start your own JOURNAL BLOG on www.blogger.com to evidence outward looking, thinking and links - Chris Jackson and I will give guidence on setting this up to those who require it but try it - its quite easy

There will be several lectures on professional practice this term from myself and hopefully the excellent Mr Neil Grant – watch the notice board here and on the intranet for info in October

Bowie is stood with literary figure William Burroughs - CUT UP technique - cut up was started in the 1920s by the surrealists - Bowie wrote some of 'diamond dogs' and others via cut up - research UBU.com - research / read Bill Drummond, Billy Childish, Genesis P Orridge, Bob Cobbing, Edwin Morgan , Concrete poets and the influential 'Fluxus' books , DADA and Sam Beckett.

Tracey Emin and boyfriend artist poet ect Billy Childish - circa Maidstone school of Art