Silence PART TWO (new brief)

Man Ray

Option 1.   A short VISUAL document (in Print or Moving Image )

Produce (a) A finished Visual document in text & Image  / a 'Graphic essay'  OR (b) a short moving / sequential film using STILLS or Moving Image.This document must record and encapsulate your own specific work on the Silence brief and include an element of written / spoken language  ( Facts, findings, reflection or a fictional narrative )

a)     A typographic / Print format to work as a Poster sheet and also as a Folded document - it can be double sided.Use found referenced quotes and or your own writing, thoughts and evaluations on the subject. It can be Poetic - it doesnt have to be logical. Your choice of Paper stock – format – scale etc – will all determine the ‘feel’ and success of this 2d folded document, so consider all the above carefully – make a dummy first. At least 3 copies must be reproduced.  OR

b)     A short Sequential / moving work – this must include language – The spoken word or typographic text of your choice.

Nazi Censorship of red cross letters out of concentration camp

Option 2.    AMNESTY 'SILENCE' PROMOTION  (Print or Moving Image )

Amnesty International require a strong conceptual campaign

and Image for its continued Promotion of free speech aimed at any Country generally within the United Nations who censor free speech. ( no country need be named specifically ) This campaign aims to focus on the concept of human rights and FREEDOM – what visual metaphors have you already created for freedom and levity ?– this piece could highlight the ‘absence of freedom’ ? imprisonment - emancipation

Produce an overall Print campaign. A powerful memorable poster – and or direct mail concept – lateral image and strap line with Copy.

OR a short 30 second to 2 minute sequential Information film for BBC4 and the Cinema that communicates the idea of repression and silence ( work from a story board and stills )
- this piece should aim to be
Intruiging / experimental / implicit / ambient / clever and not necessarily explicit / obvious

Promote Amnesty’s cause, their website and to raise awareness and funding

Deadline Jan 2010 assessment 

Attendance at your seminar tutorials is vital - to form and enhance your ideas
You are now placing your research and visual investigations of ‘SILENCE’ into a design context – aiming to persuade the viewer to interact and engage with your campaign and visual aesthetic.

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