'International Times' along with OZ  ('it') was the ground breaking underground Arts, Music,and Left field Politics MAG/Zeen of its era 67 - 74- and was a huge cultural influence on design / Print and Vinyl sleeve artwork - many of the writers and Graphic designers who worked on i.t also were involved with the Punk explosion which was about to occur in 1975/6 - Punk and Stiff records etc  


To be (and to have)

Kino4 season ( January ) for Director Wim Wenders & Nicolas Philibert

'To be and to have' One of my all time personal favorites - the beautiful and simply real observations of the child and the teacher - set in a tiny rural French school 'Etre et Avoir' ( read some reviews) this is our special extra daytime showing (  one of our Christmas Feel good Kino4 next week Tuesday meeting 2.15 pm during the day - as well as Leon later ) 
   'TO BE AND TO HAVE' - is described as Inspiring, meditative, the portrait of a   teacher about to leave his class to retire - a Surprising Film.