GHOSTS & ZEITGEIST 'The Past in the Present'

'On her return that evening I had forgotten just how much i had missed her verve - she was a mirror to all of the quark, strangeness and charm in life - from the top to the bottom  ... the up and the down - a life so full of flavor and so beautifully spent. She wasted so little of it' 
( Copyrighted Image & quoted text from short story collection 'The beauty factory' by markmanning 2009

Research brief:
The Past in the Present  ( special collections )

Tutor; Mack Manning 
Research Task assignment

Research brief:
Question: Why is something SPECIAL ? contemplate how an object can hold emotion or intrigue ? Muse on these questions when you handle your object.
T. S. Eliot said; ''We shall not cease from exploration - And the end of all our exploring - Will be to arrive where we started - And know the place for the first time.'' from Elliots seminal Prose 'The Wasteland'
Select one item or a set of items from the Special Collections visit & talk from Jayne on Tuesday  - choose something that RESONATES with you and has a a potential story ?
TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS & if you wish MAKE notations & DRAWINGS -  ( Purchase on ebay a similar object for you to keep and work from )
Try to choose an object with the potential for deep research 
Research the CONTEXT and possible narrative of this object - related stories
By Context we mean....
The Social & Historical context - what was the sense of place like then and what space did this object inhabit ? EVIDENCE THIS - current trends and breakthroughs, Writers, Poets, Genres etc ' The Zeitgeist of the time - The Spirit of the Age ?
Is there a Personal history ? Use, Owner, Story - lifespan ?
Aesthetic - and design - evaluate it - it what does this say of the object ?
The connotations of the objects LOOK and its design - form. colour, pattern, symbolism - emotion or Utility
Can you imagine a personal narrative for this object - A PLACE . A domestic space , a HOME  and what of its owner ? or its SENSE OF PLACE in time ?

Research the STONE TAPE theory ?  ( see BBC film DVD 1960s ' The Stone Tapes' )
and read for artistic inspiration the following article 

Research the Social and Anthropological context of your object and its 'Era' and its ZEITGEIST and evidence this on your BLOG by considering and contemplating the above ideas - use images to support
Consider GHOSTS - read Rachel Whitereads work on edifying lost space ( also Boltanski, Hiller and Cornelia Parkers work)
We encourage an amalgam of analysis and of possible optional Creative writing - objective research and Personal 'Subjective' artistic research are all encouraged - be responsive. 
EXPLORE and Research your object and its USE - its History and ITS PLACE - socially and Historically.It is not required that you make practical work but do TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS & MAKE DRAWINGS if you wish to supplement your blog findings

The photographic image above is a Close friend to me. I own the photograph and took it in 1877 in Yorkshire.

''Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousand of miles and all the years you have lived.'' Helen Keller

Do Consider the full life of the inspirational Helen Keller,American author, political activist and lecturer, both Deaf and Blind - read her book and perceptions of the world and of objects and nature - all via touch
''Helen Adams Keller was an American author, political activist and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. The story of how Keller’s teacher, Annie Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become known worldwide through the dramatic depictions of the play and film The Miracle Worker. Sullivan taught Helen to communicate by spelling words into her hand, beginning with d-o-l-l for the doll that she had brought her as a present. A prolific author, Keller was well traveled and was outspoken in her opposition to war. She campaigned for women’s suffrage, workers’ rights, and socialism, as well as many other progressive causes. 
Helen Keller was born in this small cottage on the Keller family's Ivy Green plantation.  Located in Tuscumbia, Alabama, it is also the place where Helen lived with her teacher, Anne Sullivan, after Miss Sullivan first arrived at Ivy Green.

Whiteread "Untitled (House) 1993", a concrete cast of the interior of a nineteenth century house in East London 
Also see GHOST at National Gallery click this link http://www.nga.gov/fcgi-bin/tinfo_f?object=128234.0&detail=none

and also re look at my added article on Paranormal STONE TAPE Theory here for creative thought


Ben Shahn & Timorous Beasties

Some more drawing to aspire to - by the great Ben Shahn: Tutorials Tuesday as planned on moodle for Lev 4/1 with Mark B ( Mack in PM for tutorials for Lev 4/2 and 1 but by sign up email ) Your Drawing is still key to this assessment - your 3d ideas are experimental and a finalized 'idea' visualized ( not made ) is requited for hand in assessment and a maquette where appropriate. Show us material and samples if it is to be a textile piece or dress or similar BUT your drawings will be key to evidencing your process and also your final designs - PRINTING an image onto material is acceptable as a 3d piece. But your drawings again are key here to the success of this so KEEP DRAWING ! A full 'Portfolio of drawing is to be handed in for this unit - and will be graded on quantity, quality and bravery - experiments and mistakes.

Design museum profile and write up here  http://designmuseum.org/design/timorous-beasties


Watch the film above. Paul ( with beard ) will be coming in soon hopefully for a guest lecture -  they are an Internationally respected duo so be great to have them guest if we can get them -  shop in Glasgow and London look on site and research their ethos and work

website here also http://www.timorousbeasties.com/products/Showrooms/

Look at the lovely Carolyn Gowdy work here  - drawings and prints
no copying mind magpies ! as Carolyn is part of my Magic Theatre collective and I'm protective !
we are showing in Norwich next - work is for sale via gallery and Carolyn



Pin UPS 11.00 to 1.30

Pin up at 11am - TUTOR Crit starts @ 11.45  to 1.30
see you tomorrow ( Mack )



One of my favorite Graphic artists
Franciszka Themerson ... gifted Innovator, Illustrator. Oddly largely unrecognized today in the UK for her important influence  ( I saw a small show of her early WW2 1940s work in 1990 at the south bank - superb - and of course created within a context of estrangement and a world war ! ) 
She and her husband pioneered graphic imagery in the West and also in animation and experimental film making.

''The Themersons played a major role in the history of independent, experimental and pre-war cinema in Poland, their significance for the development of the Polish avant-garde film is enormous.
In 1948 the Themersons founded a publishing house: the Gaberbocchus Press. In 31 years they published over sixty titles, including works by Alfred Jarry, Kurt Schwitters and Bertrand Russell.
'Jabberwocky' here  http://www.gaberbocchus.nl/biography.html     design below by Thermerson

Also our friends at Camberwell College of Art's blog is worth a very good look - especially the blog images of artists like RR and Susan Hillier who use the idea of'collections'http://camberwellillustration1.blogspot.com/

Could these images below be Allotment drawings etc  ?  or drawings for your 3d worksheets ? YES they could - so please admire and GO FOR IT

work sheet drawings expectations for pin up crit ?  -  I hope to expect mapping of ideas and drawings like these by eva hesse & Georgia O Keeffe, map your plans and colour abstracts & form -  dont be too methodical yet or plan ahead too much...SO STILL EXPERIMENT 

Above ink tests ; Justinus Kerner 1786 - 1862

Stones; by DF visit Dan Fern work here ; http://dan-fern.com/?page_id=365

Nura 'The Silver Bridge' 1937  c/o  50 watts excellent tumblr blog and flickr


Magic Cabinets

Show now up and ready to visit - come in Monday or Tuesday and see Cabinets also 

For your first evaluative written task - do as discussed - or why not evaluate the Drawn line and small magic theatre shows in the Holden Gallery
Consider what it is emoting as a whole and the individual works and books etc 
write up 500 words to 1500 ( your choice ) for this first written task 

film book or show 

Practical Visual Language task 3 

Design an object that connotes the concepts of adornment and Celebration - evolve your ideas based on your drawing practice and design and make a first stage maquette - this should be 3d and scupltural in form using ANY material - we will discuss materials over the course of the remaining semester - you will make drawings working plans and a final set of 3d maquettes - experiment and choose to make abstract or representational objects ... Scarf ,Rug, Head , Jewellery, Paper sculpture, Textile, Cloth, Material, Metal, Stone, Soil, Sand, Clay ,Ceramic are all possible However your material should folow the magical ideas of your concepts and thoughts - to celebrate subvert or disturb - you choose - surprise us !
  Deadline end of term formative internal assessments mid December ( but mid crit in 2 weeks )

Look at:  Jean ARP, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Eva Hesse, Hepworth, Lucienne Day, Frink and  The Chapman brothers, Look at Rachel Whitreads WAX & RESIN pieces and Cornelia Parker 


Magic & Ritual Show ( Holden side gallery ) MMU

The Magic Theatre

A small side show ' The Magic Theatre ' curated by MM to complement the Symposium of Illustration and Writing: Visual Languages the 2nd International Illustration Research Symposium organised by MMU's Desdemona @ Illustrationresearch.com in conjunction with the Writing PAD network taking place this Thursday & Friday ( see / email Mack for info - Prints for sale to raise funds for charity - donations to British Heart Foundation and others of the individual artists personal choice

images here by; Dan Fern, Lesley Mitchison, Jessica Helfand

visit Dans www here ; http://www.dan-fern.com/


Tuesdays Crit / Pin Up

CRIT Pin UP info;
see you Tuesday kick off is 11.30 - hang your work up however best and lunch at 1pm.
( here is a great insight for you in the meantime ) Mr Grayson Perry's Studio - an insight at www.TATE


Poetic & Visual Music of Cy Twombly

Twombly Rose series and Prose from Rainer Maria Rilke

Interiors below by the talented artist Katherine Neil, Vancouver Emily Carr University student whom I met in tutorials when I guested as visiting Professor there 


TASK TWO: Pattern Form and Print

Lucienne Day Print called Ducatoon 1959   ( top image by Cornelia Parker )

Visual language Task 2 for Tuesday wk 18th October for 3 weeks

Evolve your visual investigation begin to consider Print and Pattern in your drawings - either of your object or a new object = -or a new path of PLAY, you choose.  ( Painting below Cy Twombly )

Examples to consider for further exploratory practice
Make Plan views, try rubbings and block printing - repeats - designs on a sheet that evoke or are an extension from last weeks idea - feel free to go off on a new route if you wish or ideally go DEEPER into your current working progress - MAP your objcet or PLACE - give it body and sense - show it 

Evolve alternate perspectives on the 'drawn' images you have tried so far - Pattern Shape Print & Outline ( remember my SCARF analogy )

Also as a suggestion not a task - you may want to begin to incorporate  text and langauge into the pieces - hand lettering or collage or Prose ?
This may be simply notes and observations ?
Or more a considered part of the design and pattern - the 'word' may introduce a 'concept to the images and pattern or a sense of narrative?

Look at the Ceramic pieces with text and narrative by the Artist Grayson Perry, and also Prints and books by Richard Long, Hamish Fulton and Mary Kelly's Post Partum document 

Get out of the smaller sketchbooks and use the A2 and A1 sheets as WORK SHEETS for mapping and planning ( annotate them with observations etc ) and also presenting more final drawings as well on sheets

Research designner and Artists like Lucienne Day, John Piper, and Cornelia Parker and also Rachel Whiteread planning works - look at Artists & Designers work sheets on google - plans and design sheets for Textiles, Weave and Cloth and Printed Wallpaper Sculpture and Fashion & Product design working sheets - historical ( Da Vinci ) and contemporary to aid compositons

Bring examples to Tuesdays session of your contextual research - make print outs for your journal files - to show one another  (not to show me but to show one another)

Working studio day for you on Tuesday ..... access to me for informal Tutorials from 11.30 pm
( no pin up just heads down working ) 
For drawing and Pattern and Form look at Louise Bourgeois above & for texture and paint look at Teresa Oulton( both here ) http://www.marlboroughfineart.com/artist-Therese-Oulton-34.html
and never forget Eva 

'Seed Garden For Eva'         CLC Print 1989 ( by mm )

'Rose garden for Eva' Print 1989 (mm)