Tuesdays Crit / Pin Up

CRIT Pin UP info;
see you Tuesday kick off is 11.30 - hang your work up however best and lunch at 1pm.
( here is a great insight for you in the meantime ) Mr Grayson Perry's Studio - an insight at www.TATE


Poetic & Visual Music of Cy Twombly

Twombly Rose series and Prose from Rainer Maria Rilke

Interiors below by the talented artist Katherine Neil, Vancouver Emily Carr University student whom I met in tutorials when I guested as visiting Professor there 


TASK TWO: Pattern Form and Print

Lucienne Day Print called Ducatoon 1959   ( top image by Cornelia Parker )

Visual language Task 2 for Tuesday wk 18th October for 3 weeks

Evolve your visual investigation begin to consider Print and Pattern in your drawings - either of your object or a new object = -or a new path of PLAY, you choose.  ( Painting below Cy Twombly )

Examples to consider for further exploratory practice
Make Plan views, try rubbings and block printing - repeats - designs on a sheet that evoke or are an extension from last weeks idea - feel free to go off on a new route if you wish or ideally go DEEPER into your current working progress - MAP your objcet or PLACE - give it body and sense - show it 

Evolve alternate perspectives on the 'drawn' images you have tried so far - Pattern Shape Print & Outline ( remember my SCARF analogy )

Also as a suggestion not a task - you may want to begin to incorporate  text and langauge into the pieces - hand lettering or collage or Prose ?
This may be simply notes and observations ?
Or more a considered part of the design and pattern - the 'word' may introduce a 'concept to the images and pattern or a sense of narrative?

Look at the Ceramic pieces with text and narrative by the Artist Grayson Perry, and also Prints and books by Richard Long, Hamish Fulton and Mary Kelly's Post Partum document 

Get out of the smaller sketchbooks and use the A2 and A1 sheets as WORK SHEETS for mapping and planning ( annotate them with observations etc ) and also presenting more final drawings as well on sheets

Research designner and Artists like Lucienne Day, John Piper, and Cornelia Parker and also Rachel Whiteread planning works - look at Artists & Designers work sheets on google - plans and design sheets for Textiles, Weave and Cloth and Printed Wallpaper Sculpture and Fashion & Product design working sheets - historical ( Da Vinci ) and contemporary to aid compositons

Bring examples to Tuesdays session of your contextual research - make print outs for your journal files - to show one another  (not to show me but to show one another)

Working studio day for you on Tuesday ..... access to me for informal Tutorials from 11.30 pm
( no pin up just heads down working ) 
For drawing and Pattern and Form look at Louise Bourgeois above & for texture and paint look at Teresa Oulton( both here ) http://www.marlboroughfineart.com/artist-Therese-Oulton-34.html
and never forget Eva 

'Seed Garden For Eva'         CLC Print 1989 ( by mm )

'Rose garden for Eva' Print 1989 (mm)


Poets Selima Hill & Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (and son)

Regarding 'The Object' click and read this piece by Christine Barkla and note the refences to Roland Barthes book Camera Lucida and the Artists Boltanski and Susan Hillier 


Tuesday UPDATES and contact Times

No late tutorials tomorrow for Lev 4/ 2  - postponed to next week as I have to leave at 5pm
New Students in Lev 4/1
Meet Up seminar groups at 12.00 -1pm  and another at 2pm - 3pm
TUTORIAL INPUT with Mack 12-1 pm or 2- 3pm pm      
Just to confirm tomorrow is a good day to get on with your project task independently -  drawing in the studio or at the museum. Its up to you ? depending on what you are doing.
I will be around all day but we will have a sit down and look at what we have been doing later in the morning at 12pm or after lunch at 2pm day in small groups ot one big one  -we will see

USE your space -  feel free to work on the walls and to make the tables more suitable - into clusters or a grouping. See you between 10 and 3pm only
Please note: Our normal times now are;
Open studio access Tues: 10am to 5pm and sit down crits and pin ups with me occurring where appropriate in this time window
n.b ( evenings are not required for you L4/1 unless you sign up with me via email 
L4/2 will see Mack in Eve slots only sign up when posted next week is our first meet up at 5pm