Tuesday UPDATES and contact Times

No late tutorials tomorrow for Lev 4/ 2  - postponed to next week as I have to leave at 5pm
New Students in Lev 4/1
Meet Up seminar groups at 12.00 -1pm  and another at 2pm - 3pm
TUTORIAL INPUT with Mack 12-1 pm or 2- 3pm pm      
Just to confirm tomorrow is a good day to get on with your project task independently -  drawing in the studio or at the museum. Its up to you ? depending on what you are doing.
I will be around all day but we will have a sit down and look at what we have been doing later in the morning at 12pm or after lunch at 2pm day in small groups ot one big one  -we will see

USE your space -  feel free to work on the walls and to make the tables more suitable - into clusters or a grouping. See you between 10 and 3pm only
Please note: Our normal times now are;
Open studio access Tues: 10am to 5pm and sit down crits and pin ups with me occurring where appropriate in this time window
n.b ( evenings are not required for you L4/1 unless you sign up with me via email 
L4/2 will see Mack in Eve slots only sign up when posted next week is our first meet up at 5pm

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