Ben Shahn & Timorous Beasties

Some more drawing to aspire to - by the great Ben Shahn: Tutorials Tuesday as planned on moodle for Lev 4/1 with Mark B ( Mack in PM for tutorials for Lev 4/2 and 1 but by sign up email ) Your Drawing is still key to this assessment - your 3d ideas are experimental and a finalized 'idea' visualized ( not made ) is requited for hand in assessment and a maquette where appropriate. Show us material and samples if it is to be a textile piece or dress or similar BUT your drawings will be key to evidencing your process and also your final designs - PRINTING an image onto material is acceptable as a 3d piece. But your drawings again are key here to the success of this so KEEP DRAWING ! A full 'Portfolio of drawing is to be handed in for this unit - and will be graded on quantity, quality and bravery - experiments and mistakes.

Design museum profile and write up here  http://designmuseum.org/design/timorous-beasties


Watch the film above. Paul ( with beard ) will be coming in soon hopefully for a guest lecture -  they are an Internationally respected duo so be great to have them guest if we can get them -  shop in Glasgow and London look on site and research their ethos and work

website here also http://www.timorousbeasties.com/products/Showrooms/

Look at the lovely Carolyn Gowdy work here  - drawings and prints
no copying mind magpies ! as Carolyn is part of my Magic Theatre collective and I'm protective !
we are showing in Norwich next - work is for sale via gallery and Carolyn



Pin UPS 11.00 to 1.30

Pin up at 11am - TUTOR Crit starts @ 11.45  to 1.30
see you tomorrow ( Mack )



One of my favorite Graphic artists
Franciszka Themerson ... gifted Innovator, Illustrator. Oddly largely unrecognized today in the UK for her important influence  ( I saw a small show of her early WW2 1940s work in 1990 at the south bank - superb - and of course created within a context of estrangement and a world war ! ) 
She and her husband pioneered graphic imagery in the West and also in animation and experimental film making.

''The Themersons played a major role in the history of independent, experimental and pre-war cinema in Poland, their significance for the development of the Polish avant-garde film is enormous.
In 1948 the Themersons founded a publishing house: the Gaberbocchus Press. In 31 years they published over sixty titles, including works by Alfred Jarry, Kurt Schwitters and Bertrand Russell.
'Jabberwocky' here  http://www.gaberbocchus.nl/biography.html     design below by Thermerson

Also our friends at Camberwell College of Art's blog is worth a very good look - especially the blog images of artists like RR and Susan Hillier who use the idea of'collections'http://camberwellillustration1.blogspot.com/

Could these images below be Allotment drawings etc  ?  or drawings for your 3d worksheets ? YES they could - so please admire and GO FOR IT

work sheet drawings expectations for pin up crit ?  -  I hope to expect mapping of ideas and drawings like these by eva hesse & Georgia O Keeffe, map your plans and colour abstracts & form -  dont be too methodical yet or plan ahead too much...SO STILL EXPERIMENT 

Above ink tests ; Justinus Kerner 1786 - 1862

Stones; by DF visit Dan Fern work here ; http://dan-fern.com/?page_id=365

Nura 'The Silver Bridge' 1937  c/o  50 watts excellent tumblr blog and flickr


Magic Cabinets

Show now up and ready to visit - come in Monday or Tuesday and see Cabinets also 

For your first evaluative written task - do as discussed - or why not evaluate the Drawn line and small magic theatre shows in the Holden Gallery
Consider what it is emoting as a whole and the individual works and books etc 
write up 500 words to 1500 ( your choice ) for this first written task 

film book or show 

Practical Visual Language task 3 

Design an object that connotes the concepts of adornment and Celebration - evolve your ideas based on your drawing practice and design and make a first stage maquette - this should be 3d and scupltural in form using ANY material - we will discuss materials over the course of the remaining semester - you will make drawings working plans and a final set of 3d maquettes - experiment and choose to make abstract or representational objects ... Scarf ,Rug, Head , Jewellery, Paper sculpture, Textile, Cloth, Material, Metal, Stone, Soil, Sand, Clay ,Ceramic are all possible However your material should folow the magical ideas of your concepts and thoughts - to celebrate subvert or disturb - you choose - surprise us !
  Deadline end of term formative internal assessments mid December ( but mid crit in 2 weeks )

Look at:  Jean ARP, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Eva Hesse, Hepworth, Lucienne Day, Frink and  The Chapman brothers, Look at Rachel Whitreads WAX & RESIN pieces and Cornelia Parker 


Magic & Ritual Show ( Holden side gallery ) MMU

The Magic Theatre

A small side show ' The Magic Theatre ' curated by MM to complement the Symposium of Illustration and Writing: Visual Languages the 2nd International Illustration Research Symposium organised by MMU's Desdemona @ Illustrationresearch.com in conjunction with the Writing PAD network taking place this Thursday & Friday ( see / email Mack for info - Prints for sale to raise funds for charity - donations to British Heart Foundation and others of the individual artists personal choice

images here by; Dan Fern, Lesley Mitchison, Jessica Helfand

visit Dans www here ; http://www.dan-fern.com/