One of my favorite Graphic artists
Franciszka Themerson ... gifted Innovator, Illustrator. Oddly largely unrecognized today in the UK for her important influence  ( I saw a small show of her early WW2 1940s work in 1990 at the south bank - superb - and of course created within a context of estrangement and a world war ! ) 
She and her husband pioneered graphic imagery in the West and also in animation and experimental film making.

''The Themersons played a major role in the history of independent, experimental and pre-war cinema in Poland, their significance for the development of the Polish avant-garde film is enormous.
In 1948 the Themersons founded a publishing house: the Gaberbocchus Press. In 31 years they published over sixty titles, including works by Alfred Jarry, Kurt Schwitters and Bertrand Russell.
'Jabberwocky' here  http://www.gaberbocchus.nl/biography.html     design below by Thermerson

Also our friends at Camberwell College of Art's blog is worth a very good look - especially the blog images of artists like RR and Susan Hillier who use the idea of'collections'http://camberwellillustration1.blogspot.com/

Could these images below be Allotment drawings etc  ?  or drawings for your 3d worksheets ? YES they could - so please admire and GO FOR IT

work sheet drawings expectations for pin up crit ?  -  I hope to expect mapping of ideas and drawings like these by eva hesse & Georgia O Keeffe, map your plans and colour abstracts & form -  dont be too methodical yet or plan ahead too much...SO STILL EXPERIMENT 

Above ink tests ; Justinus Kerner 1786 - 1862

Stones; by DF visit Dan Fern work here ; http://dan-fern.com/?page_id=365

Nura 'The Silver Bridge' 1937  c/o  50 watts excellent tumblr blog and flickr

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