Ben Shahn & Timorous Beasties

Some more drawing to aspire to - by the great Ben Shahn: Tutorials Tuesday as planned on moodle for Lev 4/1 with Mark B ( Mack in PM for tutorials for Lev 4/2 and 1 but by sign up email ) Your Drawing is still key to this assessment - your 3d ideas are experimental and a finalized 'idea' visualized ( not made ) is requited for hand in assessment and a maquette where appropriate. Show us material and samples if it is to be a textile piece or dress or similar BUT your drawings will be key to evidencing your process and also your final designs - PRINTING an image onto material is acceptable as a 3d piece. But your drawings again are key here to the success of this so KEEP DRAWING ! A full 'Portfolio of drawing is to be handed in for this unit - and will be graded on quantity, quality and bravery - experiments and mistakes.

Design museum profile and write up here  http://designmuseum.org/design/timorous-beasties


Watch the film above. Paul ( with beard ) will be coming in soon hopefully for a guest lecture -  they are an Internationally respected duo so be great to have them guest if we can get them -  shop in Glasgow and London look on site and research their ethos and work

website here also http://www.timorousbeasties.com/products/Showrooms/

Look at the lovely Carolyn Gowdy work here  - drawings and prints
no copying mind magpies ! as Carolyn is part of my Magic Theatre collective and I'm protective !
we are showing in Norwich next - work is for sale via gallery and Carolyn


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