AWAKENING earthly histories

New Summer project for Lev 4 students

Question: Can sound - music - performance - stimulate people with memory loss and dementia and other complex 'shutting down' neural conditions and help to re awaken them to the pleasures of self awareness and their own sensorial and earthly history ?

Watch the film below and also get the book by Oliver Sacks ''The Man who mistook his wife for a hat '
and his book 'Awakenings' - get the book and see the DVD Film with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams ( true Story about Sacks work )

Research this work and any contemporary work in your community that you may know of or can locate. Produce a log book of visual and Aural ideas and concepts for potential workshops that you could propose for triggering memory and making people embrace new life, emotion and vigor from external stimulation.

Your recent Project X work with the Library special collections will support this project.

Watch this first please to kickstart your project -  this is the main theme 


this is also very interesting and helpful

Kate Bush CD album 'Ariel' may also help in giving you some ideas of suggestive soundscapes - and



OUTCOMES  - mainly research based but create visuals and concept visuals - montage drawing photography etc to support. The proposed possibles can be made or proposed as .....
The Spoken word, Music and the idea of SOUND as a narrative and transmitter of feeling and ideas is the key to the project -  but a VISUAL piece / object ( s) must also be included to PROP your idea and be something that can be passed around as a tactile trigger to accompany the idea
hence this will be very helpful reading also for you -  so please read it through


CONTEXTUAL *Prepare notes ( self evaluative and critical) of your summer task to go towards work for your new contextual task in September - your task will be to write an essay on this subject specifically - or on your own research into the subject -  ideally both ... OR to write an evaluation of the books and films above.

ENJOY     best wishes and see you in September   MACK ( Manning )