Object ? historic resonance react draw 
( above: WW2 soilder issue field fork knife spoon )

Introduction & Briefing of task one for Lev 4 /1 

at 10.30 Tuesday 25th Oct 

with Mack Manning; Righton CP studio space 

Drawing the Object & Drawing your own Perception

VISUAL LANGUAGE Task 1: Tuesday Sept 25th 

Intro and slide lecture from M.Manning at 10.30 - 12 noon  / and 2pm - 3pm tutorial discussion 
A; HOMEWORK / The Domestic: Select an object or set of objects ( 2d or 3d ) that suggests a memory or a time or sense of place - respond to this object with drawing in inks and charcoal and paint Chalk etc use black and white only for now - maybe colour later after 20 or so B&W studies  - make observational notes - improvise

B; STUDIO WORK MUSEUM / GALLERY OBJECT Select a Museum or Gallery Object in a staged environment - NOT AT HOME but a setting and a context where the object is classified as 'special' and therefore is 'displayed' and on view. Draw out the quality or history that draws you to the object / Image - ask what do you admire in this object, Its history and its story ? – explore improvise invent and imagine ? make notes

The AIM is that you EXPERIMENT and cultivate your Visual Language so do consider and experiment with a variety of improvised and inspired marks and scales and paper sizes and paper surfaces as discussed this week - look to communicate feeling texture and meaning ? make notes, Prose etc 

Plan for Tuesday 2nd Oct SELF DIRECTED MUSEUM Drawing Day & OR Self directed Studio drawing day - dependent on what work you need to progress and what objects you have developed

Meet Up in seminar group for a group chat with your work and Lecturer at 4pm in studio 2nd Oct

The show and tell interim pin up for Task 1; is Tuesday 9th Oct 11am

PIN UP Critique in studio or corridor 11.00   ( and at 2pm new TASK 2 BRIEFING )

research examples and reading 

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