Always Look In The Rear View Mirror


I often make driving ( Car ) analogies to you all ..... a favorite is the rear view mirror one - that in order to progress onwards we also have to review the rear... to keep an eye on it - on what we have passed - what has gone before and also what may be following us more closely than we would like - and also what unwanted matter may have attached itself along the way ? This is a good methodology to apply for ones self - but in general terms it also applies to us collectively as 'a people' - or race ( human )

*film tip for my CP lev 4 & 5 students

This book of work above ' a military memoir' by D. Michals the photographer will be of interest for your creative work in Visual Language and your research across all our areas.

above and below d. michals ( research michals work generally )

'The Illuminated man'  D.Michals  

In this classic Cindy Sherman self portrait below Is this Woman looking forward or back - what is the possible narrative here ?
Its success as an image is in its ambiguity and its resonance - its dream like state - it arouses emotion, instinct and memory that will be unique to each viewer and reader, Are you a voyeur or is she aware of the lens ?

Also research Peter Doig's work and writings ( Doig inspired by Edvard Munch ) 

  and David R Newton @http://www.hiveprojects.org/exhibitions/archive/copenhagen/

Also the De Botton Book for my CP's and Lev 4 Fine Art ( chapter on Hopper )

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