Progress review tuesday 2pm with MM

This week I would like to have a show and tell / pin up and seminar on work in progress -  please print out A3 contact sheets and then select and print your best photos - also show your studies & drawings and other ideas for work on the brief so far - we can also use memory stick to show images via laptop on Large TV monitor - come in early and work in CP space all day please in preparation for pin up at 2pm -  use the excellent MMU printers in Dalton building also available all morning. We begin at 2pm - break at 3pm - reconvene at 4pmImages :
Dumas ( top) - Lee Miller x 2 in Hitler's bath - and Rodin drawing * (Lee Milller link here) http://blindflaneur.com/2007/10/24/lee-miller-war-photographer/

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